Zenara / LED
The award-winning Zenara is our most discreet and contemporary awning. Being a full cassette unit with hidden brackets and widths up to 6.5m, it still only requires 2 wall connections. LED lighting is also available on this model, providing a warm ambient feel to your patio well into the evening. 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours available to choose from.
Opal design II / LED
With two design awards, the Opal is a full cassette unit available with LED lighting and a maximum width of 12m x 4m to cover large areas. Being an awarded product, its classic and attractive shape adds a sophisticated element to your patio. 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours available to choose from.

Cassita II/LED
A full slim cassette unit with optional LED lighting bar, widths of 5.5m x 3m and only two wall connections. With an elegant design full of new technology and 3 design awards to its name, the Cassita II will always be a firm favourite. 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours available to choose from.
A semi cassette unit that protects the fabric and mechanism from the elements due to its semi-circular design. A fresh and modern design with proven technology and reliable quality. Optional LED light bars can be fitted with this unit. Up to 7m x 3.5m in size. 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours available to choose from.
Markilux ES-1 
Best design: The Markilux ES-1 was granted the Red Dot Design Award. Best quality: strong gas piston-tensioned arms provide excellent tautness of the fabric – even when the awning is not fully extended. Best protection: a stainless steel roof embraces the fabric and the fabric roller. The end caps are available in various metal versions – copper, brass, steel. Arms and hinged joints, screws and construction elements are all made from V4A-stainless steel – Markilux ES-1 is perfectly prepared to meet all weather conditions. 

Maximum width: 650 cm with a maximum projection of 300 cm. 
Maximum width: 600 cm with a maximum projection of 350 cm.
Markilux 1650 
The Markilux 1650 is nearly identical to the Markilux 1600; the integrated LED spots in the front profile make the striking difference. They are rotatable up to 90 degrees, dimmable, or may illuminate the façade of the house. Apart from that, the Markilux 1650 offers a generous 400 cm of projection and a width of up to 710 cm. The precious IF design award was granted amongst others – for the design of the awning´s cover board – fitted with a brush for removing dirt and debris as the awning is being retracted. Standard and lounge colours, fabrics and intelligent accessories make it even more beautiful to be outside – day and night.

Maximum width: 710 cm. 
Maximum projection: 400 cm.
Markilux 6000 
Multiple design options for one awning model; development of an entirely unique technology, it features extras that embellish every day, prolong the evening quality time outside and make all seasons patio-proof – all this is the Markilux 6000. Design series standard and lounge make it easy to find the perfect cassette and arms – matching style and colour – for every type of house. The elbow joints of the awning arms are moved by a unique innovative bionic tendon. No wonder that the Markilux 6000 received the Red Dot Design Award – this level of style and innovation excellence deserves nothing less. 

Maximum width: 700 cm 
Maximum projection: 400 cm
Markilux 5010 
It’s the one with the most shade for everybody: maximum width of the Markilux 5010 is seven metres. This should host all – and everything fits perfectly together. Different upper and lower arm lengths provide great stability and give the cover brilliant tautness even when the awning is fully extended. All screws and basic components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The classic, slim look of the cassette, fixture brackets and functional elements are emphasised by all standard and lounge colours. The variety of fabrics is enormous and comprises even waterproof versions. 

Maximum width: 700 cm 
Maximum projection: 400 cm
Markilux 1500 
The Markilux 1500 won the notable IF Product Design Award for many reasons; besides their fabulous design, the ovoid gas piston-tensioned arms give particularly good cover tautness. 
The cover board is fitted with a brush that removes the worst dirt and debris as the awning is being retracted. A patented mechanism allows the cover board to adapt itself to the pitch of the awning automatically so that the awning always retracts into its optimum position. Markilux comes in standard and special colours as well, a broad variety of fabrics and intelligent accessories are made to design one´s perfectly personal award-winner. 

Maximum width: 660 cm with a maximum projection of 300 cm. 
Maximum width: 610 cm with a maximum projection of 350 cm.
Markilux 990 
Small and compact. The 990 minimises size and weight due to the U-shaped front profile that elegantly encompasses both folding arms and roller tube. The Markilux 990 is an ideal solution for balconies and patios. Last but not least - because of its many choices - Markilux 990 offers operation via round steel-link chain or via bionic tendon elbow joints, and a broad variety of fabrics and intelligent accessories for perfect convenience.

Maximum width: 500 cm 
Maximum projection: 300 cm

Glass Rooms

Enjoy a virtually unhindered view of your garden with our elegant Weinor Glasoase®. This glass room will be flooded with light due to the minimal framework giving you a beautiful panoramic view to the outside world. The Glasoase® provides protection from the wind, rain and snow. From a Terrazza patio roof you can add trapeziums with side and front glass elements to form an uninsulated conservatory.

Over or under awnings can be added to keep you shaded and cool on the hottest days and for comfort in the colder months. Why not add our LED lights and heating which can all be operated from a simple remote control for ease of use. You can even have drop down screens to give you privacy, sun and wind protection and an anti-glare screen all rolled into one.

With numerous shapes and designs as standard, you can be certain you will find the right glass room to suit your needs.


Glass Verandas
Why shouldn’t you enjoy your patio all year round? Our glass roof Terrazza will protect you from rain and other elements. With its sleek design and high durability, our patio roof enables you to leave your furniture out all year without worry. 

Combine the standard roof with our front and side elements, heating and LED lighting to create an outside room you can entertain in regardless of the season.
We can even fit an awning to the roof and side drop blinds to protect you from the sun and inquisitive eyes.

Our Simplicity 6 is a stylish veranda, canopy and carport system that is glazed with a choice of 6mm toughened glass or 6mm solid polycarbonate and can include integrated LED lighting. With elegant posts and optional glass roofing, this product offers you a deluxe canopy or veranda at an affordable price. By featuring the option of glass roofing, the Simplicity 6 offers improved acoustic properties - reducing the noise of rain drops during a downpour, these glass panels also provide a sparkling finish which is easy to maintain, particularly if you choose the self-cleaning glass.

With a span of up to 3.2m (3.1m for the glass option) from it's supporting wall and an unlimited length, you will have a solution that can be adapted to suit your exact needs.

Our Simplicty 6 comes with a full 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy, making this a real investment that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Retractable Roof Systems

Pergotex II
Providing improved wind and rain protection due to its retractable roof and being available in single units of 7m x 6.5m projection, the Pergotex II covers all your needs. One press of a button enables you to enjoy the sun or close the roof for cover from excessive sun, showers and heavy rain thanks to its integrated drainage design.

The Pergotex II can be coupled with extra units to cover a larger area if desired. LED lights can be integrated into the horizontal rails to allow you to extend the time you spend outdoors. The Pergotex II can also be further protected by adding our all-glass elements to the front and sides. The Pergotex II recently won the Reddot award, best of the best 2016. PVC-coated pergola fabrics and 56 frame colours to choose from.

Conservatory Awnings

Markilux 8800 / 8800 tracfix 
It won both the iF Product Design Award 2013 and the German Design Award 2014, along with a special mention, which all are a nice reassurance for the Markilux 8800´s outstanding design. Even better, it boasts an absolutely brilliant performance. Areas up to 36 square metres can be shaded with a single unit. Two independent special gas pistons provide permanently high cover tautness. 

Optional tracfix system for safe lateral fabric guidance – without gap between cover and guide tracks (maximum size of single cover: 30 square metres). Round cassette, angular guide tracks – to match contemporary conservatory design. 

Markilux 8800
Maximum width: 700 cm with a maximum projection of 450 cm 
Maximum width: 500 cm with a maximum projection of 700 cm 
Markilux 8800 tracfix
Maximum width: 600 cm with a maximum projection of 450 cm 
Maximum width: 500 cm with a maximum projection of 600 cm

Freestanding Awning Solutions

Markilux Syncra 2 Flex 
Sun, wind, rain – the Markilux Syncra 2 Flex | Syncra 2 Uno Flex protects large scale areas – up to 60 square metres – from everything that could reduce the pleasure of being outside. Regardless of whether it´s private or commercial use, wherever it is not possible to fix the awning directly to a building, the Markilux Syncra 2 Flex | Syncra 2 Uno Flex is the perfect choice. Since it is fixed in two weighted boxes, it can be placed where you require. The boxes can be planted up to provide a colourful display or fitted with timber to provide extra seating. The choice is yours.

Side Screen Blinds

Our stylish and modern side screen blinds protect you from light breezes as well as providing you with some privacy.

Easy to install and use, you simply pull the handle to extend your blind and fix it on to the supporting post. Special function fabrics can provide you with privacy protection, as well as allowing you a view of the outside during daylight hours.

Heating and Lighting

Electric Patio Heaters provide a safe and convenient way to heat your patio, garden or outdoor area when you are looking to maximise your time outdoors. By only selling weatherproof heaters, all our electric patio heaters are safe to be used in any weather at any time of the year.
We can supply a full range of IP-rated patio heaters ranging from 1.5kw right up to a huge 6kw, freestanding, wall mounted and under table units and Bluetooth heaters you can control from your smartphone or iPad.

LED light bars add that special touch to any patio: their warm glow creates attractive lighting while allowing the patio to be used for much longer. Based on modern LED technology, the innovative light bars can save a great deal of energy. What is more, the light-emitting diodes have a long lifetime of some 30,000 hours, also helping to save resources. Our LED light bars can be operated via a remote control.
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